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Oct 14, 2010 | 11:58 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Reachin'Pichin has patched up to version 1.11.

Change log v1.1

Fixed the bug where player can't unlock evolution & check out sponsor link achievements.

Change log v1.1

We sincerely apologize for saved game data that were lost during the update!
A new way to save data has been implemented. This time around, it will be more secure!

Game Balance
Beast Skill : Predator's Instinct - Skill duration dropped from 6 to 2.

Players are now able to unlock Achievements under Growth Points Collection.
Fixed the bug where achievements are all unlock when one is playing the game for the first time.
When you roll over the stats button when it is 9/10 - it no longer indicates "Completed"

A perfect game is still slightly far from our reach - but until then, we are striving our best to make this game as awesome and good as possible!
If the bugs annoyed you and resulted in your voting for Reachin'Picin to be lower than 5, do give us another chance!

We hope you like Reachin'Pichin and will continue supporting us!

by Kurechii


Somewhere in a galaxy far away, a creature named Pichin was born. It was the results of a levitation experiment, but it didn't have the slightest signs of being able to fly.
Determined to prove its worth, Pichin works hard to reach the highest star.
In this action-arcade game, you play as Pichin and explore the skies filled with amazing eye-candy and fantastic graphics!

Fly up, up and away with just a click and soar through the beautiful realm. Traversing the vast skies only requires a single control: your mouse! Flying has never been easier!

When playing Reachin'Piching, prepare to expect the unexpected as you will come across various upgrades and obstacles to spice your journey upwards. Not forgetting, Pichin has three evolution paths! Each path has its own unique skill set - so don't hesitate to check them all out! Of course, with all these spiffy upgrades, obstacles and evolutions - there is bound to be achievements up for grabs.

Lastly, we promise loads of fun while exploring the visually appealing and engaging world of Reachin'Pichin!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!!

its a great game with great music nice job make more like this :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game...

I absolutely love this game, but there's just one flaw, no matter how much of anything I have, it always evolves into beast, it could have a 10% beast and 85% robot (I think) and it still evolves into beast, but other than that, it's a cool game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Can't fly? Don't worry you can still reach the sky

If there are three words with which you could describe an excellent flash game, those words would be: FUN, ADDICTIVE & CUTE. When I stared doing reviews on flash games, I've encountered thousands of ugly-blood-gore filled games, and I was disappointed, but after a while I saw that many people started preferring cute games instead of those bitter ones. This game is a typical example of CUTE flash.
You play as a little being called Pichin, that has one wish only. TO FLY! Because he cannot do that, he does the thing that comes closest to flying. JUMPING HIGH. And that's about it. Simple story but nothing more is required because once you jump, you cannot wait to jump again. You find yourself in a lab and you instantly see many buttons around you that you cannot click yet, except the FLY button. And when you press that big red button, the journey begins! You go up in the sky gathering different ore and coins and you fall back to the ground.

The game would have been fun as it is, but with the EVOLUTION, RESEARCH, STATS and SKILLS system (the buttons you uncover later on), this game rises its LEVEL as high as an RPG game. Every button brings you to a new world of options, with which you can bring uniqueness to your creature, and with those choices later on you EVOLVE in to something different (depending on how you put your stats). When you mix RPG character creation with CUTE flash, you get this masterpiece! Suitable for boys & girls of 4, men or women of 44- everyone wants to jump! With only mouse movement and clear menus, playing has never been easier. Just spend that ore and money on abilities and press the fly button and you'll notice how you go up higher every time!

The art is simply beautiful and the music is very fun, although it can get boring if you play too long (and that is surely POSSIBLE), but you can turn it off at any given time. The frame rate is good even with slow computers, but a quality option should be available (maybe it is but i didn't see it). Lastly the Active Ability system should be changed. When having multiple active abilities it is hard to switch them with the left mouse click because you also activate them when holding the same button. Key-binding would be great and if that is too difficult at least right mouse click should be implemented.

On the whole this is a wonderful game that took a very important place in Flash History! So don't stay in your chair all day. Start JUMPING :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars



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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well I can say this game is uber CUTE!!!!!
it so addicting!!!!
I love it

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