Monster Slayers

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Fun and unique 2D strategy game. Lead your cute 5-man band on a quest to exterminate all the monsters in the land. Features random quests and 12 bosses.

Public Service Announcement: Over 17.7 MILLION monsters have been killed since this game was released. :D

Author's Note: The previous game, Bongo Boom Battlegrounds, was indeed an attempt to introduce a Patapon-like game to Flash, because none existed. Monster Slayers builds on the strengths of the PC and removes the rhythm bits.

More notes: There's actually a theme to the 12 boss monsters. Two themes, actually. Think about it carefully when you finish the game, it's my own little attempt at Fridge Brilliance. :p


A fine game. A underated game.

I like this game much.

The graphics are great for this kind of game: cartoonish style ftw! :)
The music suits very well with the environment; the orders of the king and the ingame dialogue during the comabat its pretty funny And the last song was very funny.
Comands are simple and work well. The movements of our units are very adequate: with a little bit of a goofy atitude (...afterall their are cartoons ;P).
The upgrades are very well thought, and gave a real feel of class evolution in our little slayers.
Items: easy to use and efective. The helmets are cute and really useful; the summons gave an "epic" taste to our little group: a giant magic creature helping you is always good!

A game that isnt boring, and will be played more times in the future: a really good "time-waster". ;)

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nerdook responds:

thanks :)

not bad

patapons with a simple interface instead of beat style button comands and difernt graphics not bad

nerdook responds:

thank you. :) any suggestions for improvement?

Pretty good

The game itself is fun and enjoyable, but I honestly didn't think it was very special or anything. The battle gameplay is too similar to Patapon, except instead of using unique beat-oriented button presses, you just click commands. The most special thing this game has to call its own is the graphics, which are charming and simple and have never lagged for me. Making and using summons is cool and all, but not being able to save my last summon made me nervous about creating a new one out of the material I just got. The fallback command seemed a bit too last-resort, as it's purpose is to back away when an enemy does a powerful attack, but it is never very clear when an enemy is going to use one. Overall the achievements and charming style made it stand out to me, and because there really hasn't been a full-fledged copy of Patapon, I can't call the game derivative, yet the gameplay still didn't feel unique. I hope you make a sequel!

nerdook responds:

maybe one day. working on something else at the moment!

This is pretty good...

The graphics look nice, but are definitely similar to Patapon's, though there really isn't anything wrong with that. Also, the graphics don't seem entirely consistent, as there appear to be more styles than one in the game, although it doesn't ruin the game because of that. The fx are ok, but otherwise could use some improvement. The animations are good, but seem a little odd sometimes, especially when one of my army dudes jump in the air while they're still walking. It just looks kind of strange! Lol

The audio is okay. Most of the music is pretty good, although I wasn't wild about the battle music... it just didn't seem to fit. Maybe something more actiony would work better. :) The sounds are pretty good but the thing is there actually aren't a whole lot of them! It'd be nice to hear a few more sound fx in the game because, this is just an example, when I summoned [insert summon title here] there was no sound effect. To be honest it felt unspecial and quite uninteresting. As well as that, there were actually alot of things that could've used a sound effect. Like some of the attacks; without sound fx they felt a bit dull. A sound effect could've easily added more interest to those areas.

The coding is actually quite solid, so that's a really good thing. :)

Gameplay is pretty fun and alot like Patapon's, but a little repetitive.

Overall, it was pretty enjoyable, but I found it a little monotonous.
It definitely feels reminiscent of Patapon, though, like I said, there's nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever heard of a Patapon knock-off before, so this is a bit interesting. I think Cave Story is the most knocked-off game that I know of (For knock-off with most most striking resemblance, see "The Underside").

Good work, dude. :) *Thumbs up*

nerdook responds:

fair review, thanks for taking the time to write it!


U've get the ideia from Patapon don't u???

nerdook responds:

yea, it even says so in the description ;)

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4.33 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2010
9:14 AM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 4th Place October 15, 2010