My First Platformer 2.0

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Hello I'm ChickenTechno I'm 14 and this is my first flash platformer game. I would like feed back on the game so I can make updates. Thanks for playing and contributing to my projects it helps allot!

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music is awsome not bad for a newbie good drawing too.

ChickenTechno responds:

I do these little games because It's hard for me to learn action script, especially having to learn as2 and find out as3 is totally different. When I learn script I have to implement them and use it hands on.


Great jod pat. Im glad you picked that song. Remember who you first heard it from, ME! lol

ChickenTechno responds:

Yep ;3 and I thank you for that. I would never listen to techno till you showed it to me XD

Pretty good for the first platform game

Train more! You can make it be better...

i actually enjoyed it alot

for your first flash really well done
you could however have spent a little longer on your art, its not too hard to make ure background and character to look a little better

not too bad

For a 14 year old, this is pretty good, though it's pretty hard to distinguish this as a platformer when most of the obstacles can be glided over with ease. I guess one of the main things to fix would be to make the game a bit more difficult with less jetpack easy breezyness and more obstacles like gigantic chasms of death or a spiked cavern of floaty madness where you have to maintain juuust the right angle or you're absolutely screwed.
Also, maybe include a temporary jetpack as a power up or make it so you have to collect fuel to keep up you rocket gauge. btw the camera makes it so that it's impossible to tell where you land. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but it got pretty aggravating after a while :L.
Some other minor stuff would be to make the graphics a little less choppy, add some polish to the animation, and whatever minor tweaks are needed to the physics. And finally, remember to have fun (>^.(>O-o)>
You're pretty young so you have a great opportunity to receive a lot of flash knowledge from here. Keep it up.

ChickenTechno responds:

the first time I made it too hard ppl said so I fixed it

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3.60 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2010
8:22 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid