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Must Escape the Rooftop

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Author Comments

You went on the roof to check things out. The door locked behind you. Now you must escape the rooftop!

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1. Pick up watering can
2. Go right twice
3. Click on all of the crates, one of them will move
4. Behind the crate that moved there is a handle, pick it up
5. Go left twice
6. Use handle on hose
7. Use water can on end of hose
8. Go left
9. Use water can on the dirt on the floor
10. Click on the writing on the floor
11. Go right 5 times
12. Click on the left set of lockers
13. Click on locker B-1
14. Enter in the code 333
15. Pick up the flashlight
16. Pick up the note-book on the playground
17. Click on the flashlight in your inventory
18. Click on the lens and take the light bulb
19. Go left three times
20. Click on the dark string of lights
21. Replace the missing bulb with the one in your inventory
22. Take the key on the ground
23. Go left twice
24. Click on the stereo on the ground
25. Take the tape out of the left slot
26. Click on the tape in your inventory
27. Click on the tape and take the piece of the picture
28. Click on the notepad in your inventory and put the other picture piece on it
29. Go right
30. Click on the telephone, then click on the coin return slot
31. Take the key
32. Go right
33. Click on all the umbrellas
34. Use the silver key to unlock the part of the fence with the sign on it
35. Go right
36. Pick up the basket ball, then go into the right- most dressing room
37. Take the picture piece on the mirror and put it on the notebook
38. Look at the basketball it says c-3 DAN
39. The DAN is a phone code which when cracked means 326
40. Go left twice and go to locker c-3
41. Enter in the code, 326
42. Take the goggles
43. Go right twice
44. Click on the goggles then click on the pool
45. Take the key
46. Go left 4 times
47. Use the black key on the forklift then click it
48. Use the brass key on the green house door
49. Go in the greenhouse
50. Take the picture piece off of the pot and put it on the notebook
51. The numbers on the completed picture is supposed to be a code for locker d-3 Which takes 4 digits
52. The order of the numbers is according to the numbers on the umbrellas by the juice bar.
53. Enter the code 9530 into locker d-3
54. Take the brown key
55. Go left twice
56. Go into the greenhouse
57. Use the key on the closet
58. Click the pot
59. Take the key
60. Go left twice and use the key on the door.

Challenging but not hard

My gosh, what is that for a roof?
A basketballcourt? A pool? Dancefloor a garden?

All in all it was a good game.
It was challenging but you'll always get further. :)

And I want to make one of these?

I got stuck at the 4 digit locker. I'll mosey around to see if there's anything else I missed. Maybe it's just me, but the solutions don't seem clear enough. Are you supposed to open the umbrellas a special way as well? I'm not sure.

Tricky fools

Nice game!

Clue- one of the lockers has a 4 digit code! ;) That took me a while to figure out and made things come together once I noticed.


notebook-umbrella: check out the lockers once more.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2010
11:52 AM EDT