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First Platform Game

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Author Comments

This was my first game i've ever did.
I just finished it, well its just a test, when i post another one, i will make the player a madness guy,
and much more things, elevators, enemies, i hope you like this one, i tried to make the player interact with some objects , like water, elevator button, HP, medipack, laser,
SORRY the boss its nos that hard xD its like a mini boss :P

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not bad

:D it is very good. but i taked away 3 stars becuse no goal, not long level. but it is very good :D

Okay for a first try.

The biggest problem is that it's far too easy, especially given its length. Consider putting in some trickier jumps, some other enemies and making the boss much more difficult to defeat. It only took a few shots and he didn't really fight back. So, my suggestion here is to give it an attack pattern that the player has to figure out. Giving it some sort of shield that needs to be shut down somehow is another idea.

Like other reviewers have said, the spikes were clumsy. There were a couple points where it was impossible to land on the platform without losing health. Having a more periodic, quicker fall with smaller, deadlier objects may be an improvement.

Add music and a preloader as well.

I noticed that the little coins didn't account for much. It didn't seem like they were there for a reason.

Overall, it's not that bad. I do like the crumbling effect that the boss acquired when you shot it. There's definitely room for improvement, but there's also a lot of potential here.

I'd have to agree with the others.

I couldn't play -much- of it, as my computer's keyboard is acting up, but what I did play managed to work just fine.

What I would have to say is to make the spikes a bit... smaller. The spikes are massive, and it's not like simply touching the side of one would hurt you.

Make a bit of effort to put in some more graphical pizazz. Staring at a pure sky-blue screen is a bit hard on the eyes.

I wouldn't feel too bad if this received a blam. It's your first time out, and everything seems to work well. I imagine you'd learn a bit more as time went on. =D

Not too shabby

Was pretty good for a first time game. Couldnt expect much more knowing that.
I agree with everyone else saying theyd like some sound.

Nice, but needs a few more things...

I thought that you did an excellent job with this but it needs a few more things...
1. On the Elevators, if you jumped under them, you would go through them
2. You have to release A/D to actually shoot
3.When on a moving object, you did not move with it.
Other than those three things, you did an excellent job with this.
I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2010
9:01 PM EDT