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How would you defend your flag from a waves of enemies? Would you be maybe an engineer with his arsenal of towers?, or a Commando designing attack stategies ... or maybe the destroyer, who leaves nothing in his path?

Create mazes with barricades, place strategically towers of combat and use the talent tree to become more powerful, against your enemies. 17 maps, 3 classes, 4 difficulties, 12 ranks, 8 types of enemies and 3 talent tree.

Defend your flag from enemies. Move using arrow keys or WASD. Aim and shoot with mouse. Build a strategy planting towers and earn experience killing enemies. Level up and earn talent points.



bunny charm was good but this one is...awesome! please make a sequel =)

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Nice change from the regular TD

Played this for a few hours on and off over the past few days. It was very enjoyable for the first few levels, but after about 20 minutes and a casual play through of the study it all went down hill after wards. It required little to no strategy. I could easily take on levels in challenge mode without the use of towers simply using a commando knife.

Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's a vast improvement on your bunny games.

Conceptual Idea: 8
Graphics: 9
Difficulty: 6
Controls: 7 (I experienced increasing amounts of lag and control delay higher levels, my computer is no push over either.)

Notes: Would love to see an option that offers game play speed at 2x.

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you grind so make it take slightly shorter to lvl otherwise i really liked the game

Funny game.

But could be better.

Good...monotonous though.

Went thorough about three levels, no trouble.

Then I sat back and started mashing levels for experience. For an hour.

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2010
3:31 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense