Thousand Dollar Soul

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A dark "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style interactive fiction game. Written by me, with art by the very talented Michael Swain.

This thing took forever to write, and I think I broke some blood vessels in my brain trying to keep all the parallel scenarios consistent with what can actually be changed via player choices. I hope you enjoy it -- feel free to leave comments about what you enjoyed and what sucks for if I decide to write another one later (yeah, I know, TL;DR... the full text is something like 80 pages, but there are plenty of other instantly fun games on the site).


There are no words.

This is literally the most fun I've ever had with a flash game, and after a decade of playing them, I'd like to think I know a thing or two. The different endings and the way they interacted were nothing short of astonishing. Some people have touched on the possibility of expanding the artwork, making characters different depending on different situations, instead of one Todd, all the time. Though I honestly can't find fault with the story you've written or the way you've presented it, more character images would make this...more perfect, I suppose.

I came back now after a like 2 years and read it again. It's that good. It's an amazing story. The entire concept of this game/novel is incredibly well done. Every ending just made me want to dive deeper and deeper. I don't usually spend time with "choose your own adventure game" so much, but form all of those types of game I have played, this is by fare the best one I have ever played/read. Looking forward to see what more creation you have in store for the future :)

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www.kongre gate.com/for ums/3-general-gam ing/topics/117496-thousand-dollar-sou l?page=1

For anybody confused about the timeline, there is a great discussion over at Kongregate.

Also - This game is officially on my fave list.

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Wow, I really enjoyed reading through all the endings. I really felt like there was an epic story going on, and we kept just seeing glimpses of it from the outside. The main driving force is future todd's actions, watch out for him.
I found the whole thing to be very well written and compelling although there was a lot of the endings that were similar, but I guess that can't be avoided.
I was actually lucky the way I went through the endings, not finding out where the title came from until one of my last endings.
-Spoiler alert!-

I mean this story had a lot of cool themes in it, for example every time todd told future todd they are not the same. Its interesting to think about whether your future self is still you.
Also the idea of obsession and planting the seed of motivation. If when future todd asks todd if he loves angela, which is crazy he asks since he ought to know, the answer can either be yes or no, with each with different timelines. That means that todd may have not actually loved angela as future todd thought he did, that maybe future todd created a love/obsession out of angela years afterwords. With out future todd obsessing, what maybe was just a simple crush turned into a full blown love, so much that future todd thought that was the cause for all his sadness in his life, and wanted nothing but to go back and have her. But then again, maybe todd will have always obsessed with angela, especially in light of ending 21 when seeing her in the future. But then again, todd seems happy in ending 34!?, I don't know its interesting to thinkg about.
Also, what was the deal with the girl future todd said he was going to get with named Madison(one of the africa endings)? I don't know who that is or why he was acting so strangely about it.
PS. I thought it was interesting that you said ending 34 was the happiest ending, even happier then 32!?! I thought 32 was future todd's dream, to get angela to fall in love with todd and they would grow old together. But either ending 34 was just written happier, or I just got a vague sense it was happier, despite the fact that todd does not end up with angela and instead ends up with some girl ashley. He now has a friend, clint, and has a girl to marry and is really close to angela, but is that really enough for todd? Is that enough to make him happy or does he need angela to love him? Goddamn, people generally should never think about how happy they would be in alternate realities, because no matter what, you can imagine a happier situation then you are living in. Maybe todd would be as happy as can be if he just never thought about the possibility of him and angela being together.
I'm sorry, I'm rambling too much, Its just that this is a very thought provoking game. And it also reminds me a bit of my life, having never confronted my highschool crush about my feelings for her. I think, would I have loved her, or was it just a crush and my true love is elsewhere? Is it possible that there is such a thing as only one true love in this huge world?
There I go again, sorry, well anyway, great game, I love that you used the swain's artwork. I can't rate you high enough.
-End spoilers-

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GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review! You've raised some interesting ideas.

Regarding whether Todd truly loves Angela, I leave that answer up to the player, but if you read through both responses, I think it's pretty clear that the "correct" answer is "no" (the happiest endings come from saying "yes," which kind of bugs me a bit). It was really difficult for me to balance Todd's innate personality with giving the player some power to control his actions. A friend of mine told me that it was really out of character for Todd to leave Future Todd alone with Angela in a few of the endings, and I told him, "Well, that's what you had Todd do!" So it's kind of a weird balance, and I think I could have pulled it off a little better.

Regarding which ending is the happiest... I agree that the endings involving Todd and Angela getting together are pretty happy too. I just like #34 because it shows him overcoming his shallow obsession with her, moving on, finding someone he truly cares about, and becoming best friends with Clint, a stark contrast to how Future Todd treated him. It shows that just because Todd was obsessed with Angela doesn't mean that she was the only one who could have made him happy -- he never had anything "real" with her in the first place (though there's no reason to believe that he didn't develop something real with her in the path where they get married).


all your effort is worth it. very creative and excellent artwork. i've gotten 7 different endings thus far and looking to play more

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