Adventure of Mahjone DEMO

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this is my demo for the adventure of the little Mahjong, please note that this is a work in progress, and I made this for my Grandfather in China, who is Chinese. English version will be out soon.

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3 Tips To A Better Game, And A Review

1. No offence, but the graphics were not very good. Try to make them better.
2. Cut down on the stuff in frame 1 because the preloader only shows when done loading.
3. For platformers, you might want to use something else than just a plain if(this.hitTest(ground)){ y++; } inside an onEnterFrame event.

Also, I will give my reasons for a 3/10. Read the following.

Overall: 3/10, 2/5

Sound: 1/2. All there is is music. I would like to hear the tile moving or getting hurt.

Graphics: 1/4. The graphics aren't exactly good... the glow effects are nice and all, but try and make your ground look a little more like, well... ground. The spikes can be improved. Like, add some effect to make them look more like metal.

Gameplay: 1/4. Well, the first thing is the spikes. The tile should not go right through them, make them solid. Also, what is the objective of this game? It has no readable (to most people on Newgrounds, like me) instructions. Please try and use english so that most people understand what they are supposed to do.

pingshiyu responds:

thanks for reviewing, i will improve it in the upcoming english version!
Thank you!


Good effort. Altough I get this is made purely on personal purpose (god I love word with p's in them), you might want to wait until you have more content to uplaod it here.

Also, Newground is an english speaking community. So next time, take an extra 2 hours to just translate the content so that we can have the on-screen instructions too. (not that we need them anyway).

Lastly, you might want to work more on the graphics.

pingshiyu responds:

thx, this is my first game though...
i will change the language and add a few contents in, thanx for ratin :)

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2010
1:24 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop