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O'Malley 3 - Born Again

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Guide Father O'Malley as he rushes to escape from the Zombie-infested Tombs of Na'uta as they crumble around him, with a rising river of lava hot on his heels!

O'Malley will need to leap over pits, run across crumbling floors, and kill countless zombies as he attempts his escape through all 20 levels of the tombs.

The Born Again Edition of Father O'Malley 3 is based on the original version of Father O'Malley 3, but features new, snappier artwork, more musical tracks, better random level generation, and a quicker pace.

How To Play:

Use the arrow keys to move. Reach the right edge of each level to continue. Watch out for the rising lava.

Press up to jump. Jump over pits and ledges.

Press C to throw crosses. Use crosses to defeat zombies!

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nice graphics, but...

i like the game and idea, and graphics are great. But the controls seemed a little heavy and i kept having a problem of jumping onto a ledge and a zombie spawning right when i land.

It's pretty good but...

All you end up doing though is going up. I got to lvl.5 and was bored after that.

It's ok

The music, background, and controls are fine but the gameplay is boring. The zombies kill you one hit, HOW ABOUT A LIFE BAR?!! this doesn't make it challanging, it makes it boring. Also, maybe some points? and more obstacles?
If you change these things it could be a playable game but it's not right now.