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5-min break for 9-5 people, especially good for aged people as the screen can be zoomed!


Not great

First off, this isn't mahjong, nor is it kyodai (which is the game most Windows computers come with that is labeled "Mahjong"). Sure, it uses Mahjong tiles, but that isn't enough... if I made this exact game with different coloured golf balls, it wouldn't be golf, either.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this game is the lack of instruction; the player is simply thrust into the game with a series of mahjong tiles laid out in front of them and four buttons to the left of the board. The buttons aren't even labeled, so if the player happens to get curious and click the button on the top after they had gotten decently into the game, the whole board resets. Sound effects are minimal and repetitive, and music is non-existent. Lastly, never use the scroll wheel in a Flash game, as it scrolls the browser window as well as performing actions in-game.

I can't give this game a good score, simply because there is so much missing from it. I couldn't find any bugs with it, but sometimes that isn't enough.

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A few clarifying things...

Well, it isn't Mah Jongg, or even Shanghai (what people usually think of in the West when they say Mah Jongg), but rather Chain Links using Mah Jongg's tileset. The zoom feature was nice, but there's a distinct lack of explanatory notes on the buttons/ mouse wheel. With some polishing, this could be very nice work.

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Boring but works.

I can't honestly say it's crap, because it looks like a legitimate game of mahjong. That said, this game is extremely dull, not offering any form of excitement or even direction. You can't just assume people know how to play mahjong. Overall, it's worth keeping on NG, just in case someone's looking for mahjong.

Not bad!

A fun little game to occupy a couple minutes. Keep up the good work!

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2.05 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2010
10:17 AM EDT
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