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Newgrounds Portal Radio

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Author Comments

UPDATE: 21.10.10 -- Download and Audio Page buttons FIXED!, they will pop up into your browser now!

ATTENTION: Download or Audio Page aren't working for you? PM me in this case, but please don't review/vote this low because this issue, everything seems to works fine here! Also, I tested in Newgrounds Dump before upload here and EVERYTHING worked!

Welcome to Newgrounds Portal Radio, this gadget allow you to listen to ALL Newgrounds audio portal songs by simple type his ID value.

This features a lot of options which you can use to control your audio during the playback such as the volume bar with his up/down controls, the play/pause/stop buttons, the play/load button, randomize, etc... And also if you liked an audio, you can visit his official Audio Portal page by pressing the "Audio Page" button or you can by a direct click, quickly download it imidiatly to your computer by pressing "Download" button.

- Sound is lagging or pausing during the playback: I can't do anything about this, this is only your computer loading the sound and it is not a coding problem, it is simple your internet speed. To fix this, try to play on POP-UP mode or try to load the sound leaving it without volume and load again with volume, so he may be 100% loaded, if all these things doesn't work, try to upgrade your internet speed.
- My audio ID isn't loading: If this occurs, also isn't a coding problem or something I did wrong, if don't play any sound is because your ID prolly doesn't exist, is too big or your internet is down.
- Audio takes so much to load: Yes, in some cases he will take some seconds or minutes to load it, this is only because he is trying to find the linkage to the Audio Portal song and loading it.
- My song ID for 100/100 DOESN'T PLAY! WHAT I DO?: Have sure you didn't forgot to press "Load Song"?
- Where is the spectrum visualizer?: I coded this gadget with Action Script 2.0 and the function for create it is only to AS3.
- Your grammar sucks!!: Yes, english is not my native language and also I'm not so good in speak fluently and also I go pretty good in english grades at my class :P.
- Oh, what I do here?? What is this? Wait a sec.....: Feeling lost? Read the help button in the top right corner from the screen. Plus, read the "Read this!" about.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE!! If you find another glitch or bug that was not told here, PM me!

Special thanks to Funkycaveman for do some Newgrounds layout-background cutting and turn it smooth. Thanks a lot!
Special thanks to Archawn for some help with audio programming! Thank you!

Please, if you want something new or have some idea, you can leave a comment.
- Why you don't show the current score, genre, size and author from the song?: They are placed on a different server which I can't get from, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to do. For the author by pressing the Audio Page button you will be linked to the song page as it says and you will see these information.

I hope you enjoy my effort! Thank you for play.

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I liked the first version more because you could listen to a style of playlist whitout having to choose independently each audio

Easiest Radio to use on Newgrounds.

I like it


Hey it's pretty good

I couldn't program something like this 0_0

MCarsten responds:

Hey there Spudzy916, glad you liked it ^^. There is a version 2 of this one, much better, if you would like to check out. Thanks for review!

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2010
10:48 PM EDT