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Pustule Poker

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I've started making maybe hundreds of games in the last 5 years, and not finished ANY of them. So I decided it was time to make something and finish it. The goal was to have the game uploaded to the internet within 4h of starting.. I almost made it! (Actual time spent, 4h 11m)

I also tried using FlashPunk for the first time, and have to say I like it a lot.

I really don't expect anyone to have any fun with this, but take it for what it is. :P


I added sound effects, wrote a little BGM, and added a little ramping difficulty to bring things up a notch. Thanks for the feedback and ratings!

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make one big one!

If you've made hundreds which are sort of like this then you could potentially make one really awesome game. It's obvious you skills are at the point where you can come up with a game in your head and figure out how to put it in game form.

Ipsquiggle responds:

Yeah, I definitely _can_ make games, it's a question of whether or not I _do_. The idea is that this tiny, pathetic game is actually finished, and next time I'll finish one a little bigger, and so on, until I'm actually making and releasing the games I really want to make.

It's a motivation thing more than anything. So thanks for the feedback, it makes me want to keep going!

Have seen worse

I think some sound could liven things up a little bit. I think you could have developed the concept a lot more too. For example, perhaps you could play this on a person's face, with blackheads coming down instead of boxes. And perhaps actually popping the zits and have the splatter go on the screen. What this game needs is some texture, some nice feel to it. Oh, and some directions would be nice too because some people might not intuitively know what to do

Ipsquiggle responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I totally get what you mean. The blood splatter on death was the last thing I added pretty much, and what a difference it made!

And I'll drop in some simple directions too, didn't think of that in the heat of the moment.


The game runs smoothly and the concept is great.
It just lacks a couple aspects before i can consider it as a 'Great' game.
First of all, music. I don't really make flash myself but just adding music makes a whole different feeling to the game. Any music would work.
Second, I didn't feel a sense of urgency or challenge in this game particular. It was just the style of falling puzzle games, maybe add a timer and every time you hit the yellow thing your time will increase a bit. I wanted see some more challenge.
Overall, I thought it was a decent game so far. Would love to see some of your other projects.

Ipsquiggle responds:

Thanks for the feedback! There's definitely not much to this, I may spend another few hours on it and add that 'intensity'. I agree with needing music, it would probably help that a lot too.

And I hope you get to see some of my other projects, too! Consider this the first of many. :D

Simple, could use some improvement..

The concept is great, it just needs a few sound effects to liven it up. Could promise to be very addictive if it weren't so plain. 4/10

Ipsquiggle responds:

Sound! D'oh! That's what happens when you're in a rush, you forget obvious things. Thanks for the review. :)

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2.72 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2010
6:13 AM EDT