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Minecraft Pals

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I actually never played Minecraft but I needed a break from some other projects and it seems like this game is all the rage amirite?

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Preeeetty much playing on a beta server with friends.

looks Mine Blocks!
Who don't know this game, i i'll put a link to game!

A great format of minecraft

Great visuals as this looks like some great mincraft in a 2-d visual since there was some dialog maybe ad some subtitles for the voices, So this one here was a great format and topic choice with minecraft as this one was pretty solid work, you have some nice movie ideas and "YOU-HAVE-PRESENTED-SOMETHING-PRETTY-COOL" with this one, I really liked what you have presented here as this was pretty nifty.

since there was some dialog maybe ad some subtitles for the voices


I watched this when it was first uploaded here. Literally THE reason I bought Minecraft Rofl . . . Just came back for some memorable luls. :)

0/10, the chest isnt accurate to gam