Barry In Math Class

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Barry day dreams in math class...

This is my very first animation. Sorry there's no start button...

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Wasn't bad. Could of done without the windows movie maker sample movies and the animation was quite crude; with some practise you could make something like this look really nice

it made me smile

Don't let the others words discourage from from making more I enjoye this the only thing wouldnt have done is use the nature scenes. You have potential keep it up and you will improve with each submission

Mind in the right place, wrong tools in your hand.

I'm going to take it you're young, and don't have the means, or the right tools or the major know how to use Flash correctly. You did technically make an animation putting together stills through Flash. That much you know. But unless you are putting quality animation through Flash properly (such as properly scanning it in as opposed to taking pictures with a digital camera and then pasting them in your Flash), or just outright using a tablet, or you have AMAZING hand-eye coordination with a mouse (and it's do-able, but kiss your wrist goodbye), I would HONE your skills first on getting to know how Flash works in private, or with a private audience, (friends, family).

I do applaud you for trying, and again, this is only in guessing that you are young and inexperienced. Putting this up on the internet - especially Newgrounds - however, is going to crush you to the point of not even bothering because you will be getting HAMMERED by people and low points, myself included.

I'm just being nice enough to at least give you feedback. Hopefully you get ballsy and try real hard and you come back years down the road and wow the hell out of us.


It just stops on a picture of a bored kid?


Newgrounds is for flash, not a pointless thing drawn on paper instead of with a tablet or flash. i hate it when people make these things, like the the previouse turd of the week. a video of some kid beating up a girl with bad acting.

Newgrounds is a place for great flash videos and games. upload this to youtube if you want, but not a flash site.

So if you want to make some cool stuff and entertain people on newgrounds, make something with flash.

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Oct 7, 2010
6:33 PM EDT