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Rock Transporter

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Rock Transporter, transport rocks from the mining area to the sorting zone. Some of the rocks are extremly valuble so make sure you dont drop them. With the money earned for each job, you can use to buy more upgrades, to make the truck faster and better at carrying heavier rocks.

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Here is my review!

I thought this was a pretty decent game, although there were others that are just like this, I thought it was pretty good and different then others!
One "glitch" that did really annoy me was that when you upgraded your suspension, only the front suspension really does anything, and if you hit the ground a little bit too hard on the front the tire kind of goes "under" the road and then your truck flips causing you to lose all your ore's.
Other then that it's pretty good, i like the fact that there are upgrades.
Congrats =)

Pros and Contras

I agree with the most writers here, the graphics are quite good, the music is ok (yet a bit annyoing after a while), the upgrades are nice!

But the idea itself is rather old and overused on NG, and my major problem is the gameplay, I can finish many level by simply pressing the Up-Cursor-Button and watch my truck reach the goal (of course I don't get any time bonus, but I don't lose any rocks either). That's not very challenging all in all.

Well, to sum it up: A nice little game, a bit to easy to handle for my needs, but it's sure worth to take a look at it! :)


great game..But damn those drivers are retards..can't they cover the damn thing with a lid or something

"A good looking transport carrier game"

What can i say is just i like the graphics

i liked it

that is all

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2010
5:21 PM EDT