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Math Hurdles

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It's time to exercise the geek. He has been studying his math now and takes it to the test on the tracks.

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It's pretty good for a quiz game thing.


Even if I suck at maths, I do remember osme things from this. And I never learned some other ones, rofl.
Sweet game!

Cool Idea!

The animation was kind of choppy since the guy stops everytime you have to answer a question.

As a follow up idea, what about making it so that you are asked the question, and you have 1-10 seconds to answer it before you reach the next hurdle; if you get it right you jump over, but if you get it wrong or don't answer fast enough, you fall down and either have to try again, or it could affect your overall time by slowing you down...

Anywho, gj, kiu!