Three Flowers Escape

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Escape from three flowers room by solving puzzles and using your logic.


needs inproving

Needs a lot of work

This is a pixel hunt game with no story or direction. Without some clues all I ended up doing is randomly clicking on areas and items hoping that something would happen. I got to the point where you give the stuffed animal the car photo then couldn't find anything to do. Boring.

The art is fairly well done but that does not make up for any of the games flaws.


Please! more clues on what to do. Something more logical.

Yeah really good

Only a seven, 'cause, some of the things had no clues what so ever, like the bunny smile. It was only by litterally trying the Lippy on everything, I came across that. So at times it was a bit of a pixel hunt.
Took around half hour to do. I did like it thoug, I haven't played a decent escape for a long time :)

Could do with some music too... Bit too quiet which can become boring.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2010
3:07 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other