Thermoplastique: TheGame3

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The third game of the series. New characters.
This is my best work by far.

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i'll give you a ten

just cuz i sat here for 10 mins playing it xD


There is no goal, no way to win, no challenge, no relation between the game and the music, and no art except for some ripped jpg's or bmp's or whatever with no background. Please put some effort into something when you submit it.

longboard2live responds:

My genius is a winner.


Im going to give you a 10 just to throw off the grading curve. Ive spent more time writing this game than I did playing your shitty game, but for some odd reason I think that was your intent......

longboard2live responds:

My game is genius.

the guys nuts

don't give this guy too many stars or good votes. He is stubborn and has been uploading the same quality of work again and again. Each time he uploads he calls it "genius". And the worst part he is unwilling to improve. So no matter how much constructive criticism we give him, he will accept none. This is identical to his so called second game. All he did was change the "characters", and they are less original than last time. What we need to do is ether try to get it in his head that his "idea" is not working, or ignore him completely.

longboard2live responds:

Good strategy. It's genius.


1 star for the music but unless im missing something what is the point of the game? Good music though

longboard2live responds:

The Genius flash game is much better than the music.

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0.95 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2010
5:39 PM EDT
Skill - Other