College Life Part 2

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Hi guys!

We're glad to introduce you another story from college walls. It tells us about a sexy student who helps her classmates not only in studying. Prove her that you are not of that silly guys and then enjoy her hot body!

Have a nice day ;)

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This game is shit I didn't come here to learn about fucking history!!

hey idiot Abraham Lincoln was president march fucking 4 1861

good game

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

College Life - Part 2 ... a joke, - that is a game ? A real - new - story ? Anyhow a challenge ? Good work, or gameplay, fresh ideas, interesting topic ? DEFINITELY ... - sorry - NO (way).

You meet your ex - girlfriend and after several (right) comments she finally agree to test you for your next graduate examination.

Here you can make the greatest errors, by the lot of summaries, sometimes the player from these games do forget the solutions ... or change small facts. Like is here happen already ( watch for more the statements from some users).

But, last but not least, also for this little game with much text it give already one walkthrough available in the Internet. The rest is useless, you touch her - pleasure meter - ... after that she have sex with you, and ... GAME OVER. The complete part need you 5 - 10 minutes from your life, fapping included. ^^

2 stars ... because, evne part 3 was more a real challenge and before, part 1 ... no comment (laugh). Whoever like to play the role from a girl. ^^

The girl could use more expression