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Help jumping penguin Lunnix to catch some big fish-alike aliens.
His boss Mr. Bill, owner of a sardine factory, witnessed a big fish-shaped alien beaming into a UFO.
Catching and manufacturing these big fishes could tremendously boost the output of his factory and make him even richer!

Use your mouse.
P key to pause/ see the option
Go to option to mute or set the image quality

7th daily, not bad. Thanks for supporting us.
This game is available for non exclusive sponsorship [site-lock]

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..."and He's Not a gay." [sic]

Seriously, what? What difference would it make if he were a gay penguin? Not very subtle gay-bashing. Also, nobody says that someone is "a gay", unless they're like a total homophobe.

The font you picked for the intro is simply atrocious - every other letter looks like it's capitalized (the constant uppercase H combined with lowercase letters for example) and thus really unprofessional.

Your choice of music is well... bad. You picked a piece from a well-known video game that loops really frequently instead of using something original or one of the ones available for games off NG. The lack of a mute button only makes this more irritating, so I eventually just turned off my computer's sound.

As for the most important thing, the gameplay, it's a pretty generic "jump up the platforms constantly while not falling down". It doesn't do anything new or original for the genre, and its style is sorely lacking at best, and loathsome at worst. The screen size also leaves a bit to be desired as, for instance, it's ridiculously easy to make it to space, but if a UFO comes along, there's almost no room the dodge the lasers it fires.

For a much, much better (and not a gay) example of this gameplay, go try "Chubby Ninja". It's a million times more fun than this, and you'll get way more replay out of it. Stay the hell away from this one.


It's not bad, I suppose. It just needs some major polish.

What precisely does getting sardines do for you? It didn't seem to increase my score any. How was the score for a level even calculated? It certainly wasn't just the distance bonus plus something. Even when I got the freestyle right and got combo bonuses, the score was always less than JUST the distance bonus.

Which makes me think the sardines don't count for anything. Which means the magnet upgrade is pretty well a waste of money. With the notable exception of the bonus level(s). I got to the bonus level three times in one run. I guess that was your intention (it's entirely possible to initially shoot past several doors) but after you ENTER a door the rest should either vanish or become harder or something. With the fully upgraded magnet those were a joke.

When in the shop, the birdie / static / knocked out / whatever is going on in the background noise needs to stop. Holy cow. That was crazy annoying. Also, changing the music when we're getting up to new worlds and junk would be nice. Also, a faster initial upgrade pace would be nice. It took forever to get to the first launcher... My interest dropped really fast.

I got eaten by some type of flying fish thing. What the heck??? How can you even avoid that except by a timely grenade??

The intro needs to be slowed down / grammar checked. I couldn't read most of it the first time, and then it was kind of choppy text anyway.

Anyway. That's all that comes to mind... Again, most of this stuff is polish. I didn't actually find any glitches in here, assuming the score is actually supposed to be the way it is, so good job there!

humorous game~ XD love it!

I LOOOVEEE the DAMN Rocket Launcher....!! it went pass the earth and put me between the strange mushrooms..and the yoda head is a surprise.. XD
it did kinda repetitive like Ciscocrane said, but i love the overall game, the illustrations are good and the upgrade system is fine :D
Addicting game for me.

"fun enough"

Well, yeah this genre kinda repetitive but the costume upgrades, launchers (especially the last one) and original freestyle idea when the penguin fall away make this game more addicting. I reached 133,046 feets in 28 days and the platforms moving faster and more, almost impossible for me to follow it's move, and my whole friends was wondering what world would be the next level after the galaxy? is it heaven or hell? or it has no end?
Besides that, it's fun game. I think 4 for vote and 9 for score is enough.