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Fakémon Vs. Series - EP01

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Fakémon Vs. Series tell us the story of Yuu and his first Fakémon: Tritaqua. Yuu is a young Fakémon trainer that is trying to win the eight gym medals from his region.

On his way he'll fight a lot of different trainers, will learn to train his Fakémon and will capture many new creatures never seen before. Are you ready!?

The adventure starts now!


Wow pretty cool

i dont really like pokemon but thats was still pretty cool and from what i remember from the cartoon it seems similar in that style.

If this is going to be a series go for it. I would really like to see more. maybe go for some voice acting next time. get to know Yuu and his rivals and all that

best of luck

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Dziesma responds:

Thank you so much! :)
I'm making the second episode without dubbing, but now I'm looking for voices for the 3rd episode and I have some people interested. I hope then I can add a dubbing.

You've Captured the feeling of Pokemon Exactly

As the flash itself goes, I love the animation and design. The stylistic angles for the action are great.

As for the story and characters, they were believable and showed that battle isn't always about winning, and there is always a way for both participants to enjoy the outcome. Which is what Pokemon was really all about ;)

My kids loved it and hope to see more in the future.. my daughter said "you should make a game", and I must agree ;)

Nice Work!

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Dziesma responds:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment!
Your kids will be happy to know that I'm making more episodes! I hope they like it! I must say my little neighbors love it :)

pretty good

animations are clean and sound is good, not a bad flash at all

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Dziesma responds:

Thank you!. I'll try to do it better the next one (:

Not too shabby

It still lacks a bit of work, but what around here doesn't?

Some might throw in reviews that you're ruining Pokémon with this, but as I see it, Nintendo managed to do that quite perfectly themselves after the 2nd generation. 3rd generation is ok, but they should've stopped at that point.

That aside...

Sound: 8/10 (Close to that of the games)
Music: ?/10 (Guess you could've tried composin your own, but... meh. It works. :p )
Graphics: 7/10 (Better than most. But then again, too high quality kinda ruins it. ;) )
Originality: 5/10 (...but only because there are so many other Pokémon parodies out there >_> )
Overall quality: 9/10 (Not based on an average of the above ratings.)

As of now, I can say I might consider following this if you keep producing with not too great delays. ;)

Truth said, it's well made and of quite high overall quality.
My suggestion is that you keep making this. Some of the Fakémon you "invent" may even be better than some of the actual Pokémon, and with the 4th (and soon 5th) generation out there, that shouldn't be too hard anymore...

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Dziesma responds:

Thank you so much! Love it your review :)

The music... Well, I don't know how can I compose my own music, so I decided to use the anime music (giving credit to its author Shinji Miyazaki, of course).

I'll try to make next episodes as soon as possible, they take me 2-3 weeks each (I know I'm not so good with flash, but I try to do it better each work I do)

Thanks again :)

PS: All Pokémon from 5th Generation were revealed two weeks ago. I love almost all, but they decided to add more robot-ish and estrange things once again... (I hate all the legendary except the three dragons)

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3.61 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2010
7:28 AM EDT