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Notebook Wars

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Author Comments

Check out this new game purely drawn in a notebook!!
You will have 8 fully upgradable weapons, 5 planes to buy and 3 slots for each plane to place weapons, 15 large levels, more than 30 enemies and 4 final bosses, 15 hidden badges in-game! and a lot of fun for hours of destructive gameplay!
Have fun!!!

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it dont work but it seems it would be really fun

what the...i have more than 2500 but i can not buy a second weapon slot...

Very colorful game

This was a very enjoyable game because it goes back to your childhood. I am sure a lot of us had tons of notebooks that we doodled on. I myself had books all the time of my artwork. It's not something I do anymore, but it's great for nostalgia. The music was bright and cheery as well. What was also cool was how you had so much mobility. The game gave you a lot of freedom to move around. There was also a wide variety of enemies with different durabililty.

If I had any major complaint, it would be that the tanks on the ground are impossible to kill. Seriously, I shot those guys with my biggest bomb and nothing happens. At least you can simply ignore them. While not the best game out there, it's a lot of fun and fairly addictive. Just keep your finger on the button to keep firing.

Enemies has to many HP

I am on level 13 with with lasers level 6 power & speed and I have to shoot enemies like 6 or 5 times to kill them ? I can not kill normal enemies and upgrades barely make a difference.
The art is really nice the only reason I don't give this game a 0.....
You forced me to play lower levels to get money and after upgrading to level 6 laser power and speed with I had to play a lot and it didn't made a difference?

Was this game ever tested?

I honestly have to wonder in this case. How could something so staggeringly obvious like the entire rate-of-fire upgrade system be broken and the author not notice? It's particularly frustrating because the displayed "improvements" are so low that you won't notice that your weapon isn't upgrading at all until you've wasted exorbitant amounts of gold in the in-game shop. I ended up wasting nearly half a million gold improving my H-Bomb before I could prove without a doubt that my fire speed was exactly the same as when it started. I feel sorry for the players that end up spending Mochi Coins on this game only to spend them on upgrades that simply don't work.

The game balance seems to defy all logic and reason, leading me to believe that the enemies were either randomly assigned armor levels or this game is meant to appeal to players who enjoy grinding for hours on end just to get a decently useful weapon. Whereas in most shooters upgrades become gradually available to help the player meet larger and more challenging threats, the enemies in this game simply gain astronomical health levels while continuing to use the same weak weapons and slow, predictable patterns that you've seen since the beginning. You're forced to grind without the addition of any degree of challenge. I can see most players expecting an intense shooter with gradually escalating difficulty quitting after the first 30 minutes.

For people who stick with the game, this play model is tolerable until about the 11th stage, when you realize the enemies are continuing to get stronger while there are no more weapons left in the shop to purchase. The game should have simply ended here, as the four stages afterwards require strategies that are hardly fitting for any game in the shooter genre. Your chopper has so much health that it's often more effective to simply to ram yourself into enemies instead of actually firing at them. But if you're going for a 100% kill rate, don't depend on this as the game unbelievably enough counts enemies you smash into as "escaped" instead of destroyed. I don't think it's even possible to get 100% on the final level. Even with a maxed out version of the most powerful weapon, the enemies are simply too numerous and too resilient to be taken down entirely.

That being said, the music and graphics are enjoyable enough. The hit detection is good and the variety of weapons add some unique playstyles to the game. If the following were fixed, I would revise my score to a 9/10:

-A way to upgrade bombs
-A fix for shot delay upgrades
-Cheaper weapon upgrades

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2010
7:17 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place October 6, 2010