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Chain Virus

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Defeat the virus strategically.

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so easy

too easy, just click at the middle each and hop! it's done
but awesome game anyway

I like it but...

I'd say the idea needs work, things like bigger, faster or slow moving viruses in the mix. Just as an example, a virus that explodes quicker, and cancels out the explosion of the others (i.e. turns them from blue back to green) or one that takes more than 2 explosions to kill etc. Maybe even a boss virus, like a parasite or something, how you'd work out the mechanics for beating it, I don't know. And a little more to actually play for upgrades wise etc, and more vareity, different level shapes related to parts of the body etc.

Could be pretty sweet. At the moment I'm only gonna give it a 2, sorry man, but at the moment "Nothing too new or interesting" sounds about right. Not gonna say I could do better mind.

good but some minor problems

you can't switch off either the music or the sound, only both, also you can't find a list of achievements anywhere

It was ok

The game was ok. I was supposed to give it an 8, but I gave it a 7 because I couldn't understand some of the instructions. You need to get a translator because I don't know what the syringes are for because I couldn't understand it. It might've made my game experience better if I knew.

The game is great. I have only two problems with it.. Number one, it's based more on luck than skill and timing. You need luck in the latter levels where you need to destroy over 200 of those viruses. And number 2.. It can get redundant. Add some more upgrades to enhance the experience.


This game is addicting and it actually has sound and that is something other games that are under judgmen right now are missing ; p

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2010
3:29 AM EDT