Music Fall

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UPDATE: I fixed the bug where only two songs played! If the bug persists, please clear your cache.

Catch notes according to the music in this new music game I've been working on.


-Mouse only. Tutorial ingame.


I well that you fall down.

Highly Addictive!

I entered this game with, rather low to normal expectations. However, when I started playing the game, I found I loved it! Don't listen to everyone else below, the game was a great spin on a Guitar Hero or Audiosurf like game. I'd love to see a second one with more songs and maybe some mini games or something.

4/5 and 10/10

The only reason it's a 4/5 was because the background was kind of blurry, but that's pretty much it.

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i may love most of the songs in here (CHAOZ AIRFLOW) 8D but i must say to the guy who wrote the 3 star review, what do you call challenging huh.... chaoz isnt enough for ya huh... well u coulda gotten the 9nth star there if you would add about 5 more songs over time i mean.

sorry, but it's boring

it brings nothing new to the table, has no real challenge, and isnt really fun.
it looks nice and all but the game itself is mediocre.

Oh wait this was the summary.

It was ok I guess, there was lag, and the graphics arent that good. I don't like the choices of music. I guess it's just me. Seemed that it would stop because my cursor would go off the screen, pretty annoying. The notes went by too fast, but the game really took no skill. So I rate you a 6.

This is all I could right but for some reason it wont let my post, so I'll just type this and see if it works, ok ill try now. Oh god what the heck it didnt work, ok how about I try now. I give up this is too annoying.

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2010
2:02 AM EDT