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This is an updated version of a simple game I created for the Experimental Gameplay Project's theme of "never ending gameplay". I took a reviewers advice and resubmitted with a new mode! While not much has changed, I have added a (hopefully) Color Blind Friendly Mode which can be accessed by pressing 'x' on the title screen.

The controls are simple. You just move a paddle around with the mouse and try to not let the red blocks fall off the edge of the screen. The only block you can let fall off the screen is the black one, as it has a negative effect on your scores. Except that shouldn't be a problem, it really is too easy to score. During gameplay, press escape to return to the title screen. I have also added a secret. Enjoy it when you find it. :)

Much feedback is appreciated! Color blind players: Please please please tell me how I did! I'd like to know what you thought of my choices! Thanks again!

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Sorry, I know it's a demo, but...

There wasn't much incentive to keep playing. I was able to watch Narwhals! and Splash Attack for around 2 hrs but couldn't keep playing this for 5 min. You might want to add some reason to keep playing, such as a medal or high score system. Just some kind of incentive to keep playing might make it better.

xhunterko responds:

"medal or high score system"

Hopefully I'll be able to work on that later this month. That was in the original idea, but didn't make it in within the 7 days due to other problems. Never heard of those shows though. Thanks for playing!

Sound is good

It's remarkable how the sounds, as simple as they are, add so much addiction factor to this game. Nevertheless it seems like it just needs something more to the gameplay. Maybe the ability to move your paddle around vertically. Or maybe putting some horizontal movement on the falling objects with, say, a gradually changing wind factor or some curvature to the paddle.

xhunterko responds:

I have a secret mode which can be accessed at the title screen. If you go to the help menu you'll see how to get to it. Let me know if that's what you had in mind. Thanks for the review!

It's ok

It's a good concept, and I see lots of potential for this game. One thing that I noticed was that many times the squares would go right through the paddle...

xhunterko responds:

"would go right through the paddle"

Umm, umm, uh, its a feature! Yeah, that's it!

Kidding aside, yeah, I'm not sure exactly when that happens. If I were to pinpoint that, then I might be able to fix it. That's also on the list to be fixed. Glad you enjoyed it!