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Everyone's ultimate friend, Cuboy, is asked to look after his Boss's house while he's away on holiday. Or did he ask him to wreck it? I don't know, I wasn't listening. Neither was Cuboy. Smash-combo mayhem ensues!

In this special Newgrounds edition of the game you can also play as Pico, Tankman and P-Bot (or any combination of the 3, plus 6 Cuboy outfits- unlocked gradually when you achieve the 3 star rating on a level)

TIP- to get the hang of things, try just using movement and S (stomp) to begin with. Afterwhich you can start doing more creative things like picking up and placing the objects to create good long stompable lines of objects.

Bonus Level Guide can be viewed on youtube (remove the spaces in the URL) - http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=fxT8yjDNmBE

There's an exclusive Cutoy to download for those of you who complete the game. The link to which is on the completion screen.

Just so you all know- we're still working on the sequel to Back to the Cubeture. It's turned into quite a large project and balancing it with work/uni can be hard at times. This is why we're filling the gap with this little shiny puzzle/action number.

Will Arbuckle - Art, Anim, Sound
Will Good - Programming (theboob.newgrounds.com)
Andy Dennis - Voices

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/edible castle


Not best of cuboy but it is fun game so i might give it out of the hundred scale 58/100

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Not cuboy best but cool

The controlls are too complicated. Hot pants was better because you kept it simple.

Not bad, but...

It kinda gets tiring after a little while and there's not really THAT much to do. Cuboy is cool, but i've seen cooler!
(Lolwut, i got 1337 score at my first try of this game lvl 1)


Omg whats tha- oh cuboy


Not The Best Of Cuboy

i Seen Better Cuboy

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3.49 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2010
4:27 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other