Aquarium Dress Up

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Girls Game dress up, select your aquarium, beautify, play and show it to your friends.


Nice game

Alright you have a delightful and Divine piece of flash work here, its not all the time that you can find such unique entries and i am glad i have found something of interest here today, Now ofcourse theres room to make things better and some slight improvment, I will elaborate on that later though, and how effectively you may push improvments. Sofar i like the "MEBU-PAGE" it was fresh and very inviting as a game should so it does show the interest that it should, but i must say the "GAME-PLAY" is much to be desired for like you just click on objects and it changes to a new item or color patteren, that sort of takes away the creativity as that a drag and drop style canoffer, so why not add a darg and drop style over the click and change option it will allow for more creativity, the music was fresh and interesting and made it for pleasent. And here is another interesting game, it has alot to offer and has some potential aswell, I did enjoy what you have here now just would like to see more effort all around, So while this was pretty good it could use a few extras It had everything that made it a great flash nice art, nice detail and nice graphics, so all and all this was actually a pretty good flash. So as any suggestions i posted try them and see how it goes, but for the overall of this it was pretty good stuff so good luck with all that.

there is lots of room for improvments, just a few things here and there, but the extra effort would really improve on this and make it better and a great game overall, Dont get me wrong its pretty good as is, but could stand for a few more enhancments, and will only make things better. so give some of these ideas a shot and let the flash comeout nice. Add a drag and drop option, kind of style like the old drag and drop.

OK.......... here dere should be moar stuff and IT'S DA WORST GAM EVER IN DA WORLD DIS SUCK MAN! DAT TELLS ME DAT YOR GAMS SUC!


nice art...i guess

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"Too Simple"

There isn't enough to do. All you can do is change the fish's colours and where they are facing. It's just too simple!

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Options Please

I can't select the number of fish, types of fish, number of items, colors, rocks, fishtank backgrounds... this is just me pressing buttons.

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3.03 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2010
12:34 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up