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Legend of JOHNNY

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Wow that took a while.

This is a game I started makin in September 2008. It didn't take all that time to make, it's actually bin finished on my hard drive for months, but it was a absolute fucking HELL to finish.

I was aiming for somethin between Devil May Cry and Bionic Commando ReArmed. I wanted to make a game that people would see as a "game" and not a "flash game" or "web game". Also I wanted to put all the people making tower defenses, catapult clones n top-down shooters to shame, and show everyone that it's 2010 and we don't have to make over-pixelated chiptune games any more with crappy rotating limbs n slideshow cutscenes.

But I don't wanna sound like a jerk, I just wanted to make the best thing I possibly could.

I'd love for cutscenes to be available everywhere, but they literally won't fit in the .fla. I can't import anything n I can barely export it it's so damn big, so I hope noone's too annoyed about that.

Oh well. Have fun with it.


nope can't play it

my computer isn't slow at all it's just when i'm shooting some noobs it will keep on making me shoot after i stopped clicking the mouse and then i can't finish them off with my knife soo yeah

@ Okami118

just use another browser ya know like mozilla firefox that type of stuff

Good Work!

Sound: 9/10
Story: 7.5/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 6/10

The sound quality and variation was excellent and suited the sorroundings well. The story was intresting and good but was lacking plot in some points. Intresting comedic effect. (SPOILER) Intresting how you thought the game was over after level 3, but in actuality the picture was increased and another level revield.
The graphics were good, sadly i had to decrease the settings to low because for some reason my computer couldn't play without lag.
The lag still remained within the game play causing miss jumps and random thrusting throughout the game. The sword and shoot concept was an intresting one, but with a laggy game it kind sucked. The variation of enemies was good and so was the bosses. After level 3 the difficulty curve seemed to go up exponentially.

Over a good game! But if you could solve the lag problem, an amazing game! :)
Keep up the good work!


fucking sticky controls make it unplayable

for u complainers

for u guys that complain abut upgrades dont work, JUST DRAG THE DAMN UPGRADE ON THE BAR!!!!

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