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Legend of JOHNNY

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Author Comments

Wow that took a while.

This is a game I started makin in September 2008. It didn't take all that time to make, it's actually bin finished on my hard drive for months, but it was a absolute fucking HELL to finish.

I was aiming for somethin between Devil May Cry and Bionic Commando ReArmed. I wanted to make a game that people would see as a "game" and not a "flash game" or "web game". Also I wanted to put all the people making tower defenses, catapult clones n top-down shooters to shame, and show everyone that it's 2010 and we don't have to make over-pixelated chiptune games any more with crappy rotating limbs n slideshow cutscenes.

But I don't wanna sound like a jerk, I just wanted to make the best thing I possibly could.

I'd love for cutscenes to be available everywhere, but they literally won't fit in the .fla. I can't import anything n I can barely export it it's so damn big, so I hope noone's too annoyed about that.

Oh well. Have fun with it.



It's not too bad, have a good music selection, and the game is a bit interesting and humorous (especially if you go and check out the cut scenes) but there are just so many glitches in this game that I can't enjoy it.

As some have stated, the game has a tendancy to freeze when you get to the second boss, the crab thing. While walking (not running) I found that it would ignore a jump input and, instead, do a dash. Obviously there's a differance between a double tap to one side and pressing up. Another thing I found was that, in the bar, if the mouse passed over the "level select" option, your character would shoot or attack. Nothing hindering, but an error none-the-less. And with the 4th boss, I have literally been knocked off the screen...and I can't walk back past the invisible wall I got knocked through, I can't shoot through it, and the boss' attacks won't pass through either so I can't even die.

I'm not going to attempt to start this over but, as I said, with these gliches, it's losing points. Fix it up and come back, maybe a re-release or just another game where you've done more checking.

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Good game gone horribly wrong

Every enemy is immune to guns except the flying ones. This makes the game more action packed instead of jumping somewhere out of the enemy's reach and pumping them full of lead but still is annoying. An indication I was "really" doing "more damage" would have been nice. Maybe an upgrade to the gun/sword? Now for the shop. auto-fire and charge don't work. The fortune upgrade should be coins times 2. The only reason I was able to purchase anything was because every chest full of money was easy to access and all you have to do is kill yourself and restart lvl repeat. Left click for gun/sword was very annoying. as I said about gun immune enemies I found myself hitting about 2 times with the sword and then a random bullet that caused my combo to break and take damage. Each boss is ridiculously easy so I won't comment about them. I would have liked a warning the arcade opens another page because I not only had several pages already opened but it slowed down my computer.

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I promise This is Front Page.

This will go on front page and fast.

I-smel responds:

Y'know I wouldn't be too upset if it didn't.

+The icon doesn't show up right cos they haven't updated the icons to 140x90 yet n I can't change it, so it'd look dumb anyway.

Controls are only issue.

It was fun, but the controls bust your balls when you play it.

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Nice game but...THE CONTROLS!!! I thought the game was good and had alot of potential but the thing that really brought it down was the controls. When i play this is reminds of the controls for killzone 1. I got to the the boss with the "big gun". The game was engaging which for me is the most important part of any game.
My personal suggestions please improve the controls.
Not sure if you were going for a joky relax kind of game theme if so then story doesnt need to be improve but if not alittle more depth would be sweet! :)

I-smel responds:

I was goin for that.
And you never said what was bad about the controls. I'm guessin it's either that you're on a laptop, OR they're laggin a whole lot. Which- I can't get that to happen fr me so I dunno.

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