Glorious Honour Battle

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There are some fights a mighty hero can never back down from, and when the evil Frog Man Van dog threatens to take over the world or some shit YOU must rise to the challenge.

This is an up close and personal turn based battle for the good of mankind but don't worry - if you do die, you can try again.

There is no concept behind this game, it's just that after 5 years of using flash I realised I had never finished anything, I was always stopped by my arch nemesis - scripting. But after many months training in the hills of Osaka with an ancient flash scripting master, I gained knowledge of such dark secrets as functions and random value generators...

This game is intended to be a 5 minuite glory fest, purely for some gentile amusement and retro fun. It is by no means a long winded RPG that you will spend years completeing. It is however, the turn based combat system I plan to include in my up and coming RPG of biblical proportions, and as such any comments on how it could be improved, in terms of content, visuals and fluidity would be GREATLY appreciated. I'd like to note that I have a full listing of skills and items, this just displays a few of them so please don't put any derpy comments about how there wasn't enough skills, which made you cry tears of blood.

NOW GO! And save mankind from the imminent tyranny of Frog Man Van Dog!

Oh and the soundtrack is from Breath of Fire IV and is the best soundtrack of all times. Buy it now and know true happiness.


It's pretty fun

The combat system is not unlike any other RPG I've played, the combo system is a little bit like that of FF III for the NDS. However as RPGs are still very enjoyable this was quite fun. The sprites and animations are looking good and this seems like a pretty good idea for an RPG, if its done correctly. My criticisms are minor; in the combat, perhaps you will want to bring the view just a teensy bit closer to the fighters, so we're not focusing mostly on the background. Also, Perhaps make the menus a bit more organised; as in, rather than placing spells and items and whatnot in the centre of the screen to click, have them in the same general area as where the menus to select them are. Anyway it's looking good so far. Good luck with your RPG!

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Vadent responds:

Firstly, heres your badge of heroism for posting such a good review.
Now regarding the background, im currently working on a good flash action camera that follows the combat directly, i.e. If you go to attack your opponent the camera flys along with your character, meaning a face full of the action. Regarding the skills, this was an obvious flaw for this prototype, however in the full game the skills branch out into a massive sort of pattern for each category (attack skill magic ETC) the pattern is more accesible the more you level up and unlock new skills, meaning you start in the centre and branch out on the paths you choose accordingly. FINALLY, this is litterally just a prototype, the final RPG has a complete story that has nothing to do with this, unfortunately Frog Man Van Dog doesn't make an appearance, and it will all be hand animated with no sprites, this was litterally just me piecing together an innovative combat system. Sorry if reading all of this gave you eye cancer.

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3.00 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2010
7:16 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG