Thermoplastique 3

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Enjoy the Trilogy.


Just stop.

Please stop submitting these until you put in some effort. You are spamming the portal. I like the song choice, but the animation is... NOTHING. 2 spinning objects. Whoop-dee-doo. I know you have it in you.

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longboard2live responds:

I am a genius.


Seriously, I was looking for some sort of flash animation.
Downs to this:
-Just one looping animation that isn't much
-The same animation for two preloaders
-Two preloaders? O_o
Dude, it's okay, the music is great, just the concept is a little... weird. Sorry. :c
My suggestion; make it so that each preloader loads a different song, or at least buttons. Call it a MixJam, or something random like that. Maybe I should make one myself. O_o

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longboard2live responds:

Thank you for improving my genius.

Well, it had a nice idea....

It was a pretty good song choice, but there wasn't really that much to the animation. And I'm probably gonna steal your two preloader idea one day XD

longboard2live responds:

No one steals my genius.

Two preloaders?

I Don't quite get the point of two preloaders AT THE SAME TIME.
Not to mention that the Art in this can barely be called art...
But the music is good, i guess...?

longboard2live responds:

Two preloaders are cool.


You are out of your mind.

longboard2live responds:

No, your out of your mind.

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Oct 2, 2010
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