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My Dark Dream

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hey guys this is my number 2, took my a couple of hrs to make, a dream i had last night tell me what you think

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This is the shittest flash I've ever seen!!

Not Bad.

Sound Quality: 1/2
Artwork Quality: 0/2
Animation Smoothness: 2/2
Option to replay: 2/2
Story, pathos or humor: 1/2

Total: 6/10

mickii12 responds:

I like this kind 0f revied its good :), so artwork i knew the sound i screwed up agian

you had a dream like this?

well either way it could use some improvemet..

it seems this time your frame rat is in better control... but it still seems hostile...

the fact that the charters are madness charters would have worked better a few weeks ago ( madness day ) try making your own characters...

the audio again overlaps if you replay so i advise for the users to wait till its over...

and remember : times new roman is NOT the only font... try messing around with the different font types like arial or stencil... this makes your animation look better overall...

keep trying and one day you'll be awesome : {D ( that's a mustache btw )

mickii12 responds:

Yeah lol :)

You were chased by Madness Zombies?

Must be from watching too many Madness Day flashes

mickii12 responds:

No but it was a zombie LOL and i did have hands for circles....also i have dreamed that i was playing starcraft 2.... :{D