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The universe has become instable! Stars are falling down on the earth! The mankind has developed an undestructable defence drone to ensure that human being survives!


Very addicting.

I enjoyed the gameplay very much, especially making some basic easy gameplay to start off with...then increasing the difficulty and making it gradually harder. The only drawbacks to this game are no music and no sound effects.

However, it's still very addicting and quite a lot of fun. Nice game, good sir.

It was alright

I didn't get a real "wow" factor, but good to play at the office if you're bored or if you just want to kill some time.


At first i was like meh... but as i played i started liking it and it is pretty fun to play, with some more work it would be a rly good fame :D

Easily improved

1) Introduce waves rather than a constant onslaught.
2) Add the ability to turn points into upgrades after each wave.
3) Reduce the lag produced when destroying multiple stars.
4) The game needs a new look and better graphics.

Gets boring very quickly and is using an old game concept but could be polished up into a good tim waster.

Good game better potential.

The game looks very nice however the screaming sound mixed with the pretty star picture doesn't quite fit. I enjoyed playing the game but I couldn't get addicted to it. It would help if it followed a similar structure to bloons super monkey. You cold have an upgradable spaceship to protect the citizens with. The concept is like a space invaders game with the ability to move more freely. The controls aren't quite there yet.
Overall, a good game that with a lot of effort put into a sequel could become great.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2010
10:31 AM EDT
Action - Other