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Rant on Something 1

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Oct 2, 2010 | 8:39 AM EDT

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Now, this is just a little summary of my thoughts on the matter of prostitution, which is the topic of this rant. I hope nobody thinks that I'm encouraging people to become prostitutes, not at all, and I myself would have issues regarding taking such a job, but I'm just one to respect them and leave them be as long as it doesn't harm me. A prostitute having sex for a living is no business of the government or the Church, or anyone. It's a way to survive, just like any other.

Recently, a certain Canadian politician has been aiming to remove Canada's anti-prostitution law, and surprisingly enough, a woman was the one aiming for its abolition, and you can see a ditty on that in this YouTube video. om/watch?v=VsYzkz5_rDo

Rate it objectively, for its aims, not its un-flashy-graphicy-fabulo usness.



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i think prostitution is immoral, but I'm not in charge of any life but my own. I have to agree with you.

subhumannonperson responds:

In my own opinion, sex is something special, and I wouldn't want my spouse to be a prostitute, and I don't aspire to be a customer of one, but a way to live is just something that I cannot take away from someone, whether I disagree with it, unless of course if it's doing actual harm to another person.


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Reminds me of me.

I'm a Rant obsessed bastard and I think my heart and brain both stop if I don't rant at least once within a 42 hour period, though my doctor recommends I make at least 2 rants in that timespan. I also like to hear other people rant because opinions are a wonderful thing and words are oh so delicious. I like words.

Anyways, I'm going to rant back at you a little. The concept that you are toying with is often referred to as "Harm Reduction," though usually it is referring towards drugs rather than prostitution. The basic concept that if we legalize drugs to some degree. Give people a sanitary place to dispose of needles and get clean ones without having to share, offer more publicized forms of help for curing addiction, and you could cut out all middle men; reducing the risk of people being shot over drugs, people getting drugs that are laced with other drugs, etc. etc.

It's interesting to hear that concept applied to something like prostitution and you make a good point. I will admit that I *understand* why prostitution is illegal in an unconscious manner and I do not morally approve of prostitution, but there are plenty of legal things I don't morally approve of that I simply don't have to have a part in.

I think you make a good point overall; the biggest rebuttal that I have is a small worry of whether or not more people would end up prostituting themselves since it would be an easy way to get cash. Then again it IS the worlds oldest profession, and maybe a bordello might keep the prospect in line provided the owner wasn't cruel to their working girls.

Thanks for letting me digest a few words, Eh.
-The Almighty Croutonian

subhumannonperson responds:

There's a tendency for an industry to slow down by a lot once its legalized, that's one of the pro's when it comes to prostitution, and since a lot of people are still not "morally" attached to prostitution, I doubt there'll be an alarming number. I'm guessing in the first few months or years there will be, but it all balances out. Once prostitution is legalized, I can sense that as time passes it will be like any other job, it'll be more difficult to get into, which will make those who want to be prostitutes for money try to find other job options. But I'm speculating. Thanks for the response.


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Eh... no

Really, just no.
If you really want to rant on something then newgrounds is nothing for your. Mostly, because really almost no one will take you seriously here or anything. Rants should be more as a video format in YouTube or something.

subhumannonperson responds:

I'm more of a blogger than a Vlogger, and besides, I'll only be doing this twice or thrice and I'll mostly be making games. I know that little will take me seriously, but spreading opinions at least a few times won't hurt.


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i love prostitutes =)

subhumannonperson responds: