The Inseminator

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Hello Newgrounders

Here's my first submission on Newgrounds. I made this a couple of years ago as my 3rd flash game.
The main goal is to make the little green guy have sex as many times as possible through different strategies that you will find at the click of a mouse. But you can also adopt a different approach and play according to your own target (make money, become the ultimate fighter, go fishing ...). "His" life is your oyster : no leaderboards here, you play against yourself.
I hope you enjoy.

NB : I advise you to adjust your PC volume down to play this.

Tips :
1 - the IQ test timer will prevent you from getting a subsequent question but you still can take all the time you want to answer your last question ... and memorise the answer for next time, maybe ?
2 - intellect needed for the bank and tutor's jobs are respectively about 50 an 65%
You are not going to get there in one day !

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matix code:0 99 97 0 0 0 99 0 76 0 30 66 0 49 0 1 2 0 0 3

im not sure how to handle stress in this game or irl

fun but very hard.. at least for me ;)

Really nice dating sim, i rated 5 stars!

There is far more cleverness in here than I ever expected to find in a "dating sim"-style game. The sight gags are fantastic, with great use of editing and comedic timing. To top it all off, there's a lot of content, and many ways to play. The only flaws I can think of are the formidable learning curve and brief, uncontrollable sex sequences (which are usually the point of this genre). Still, I think this is the best game of it's kind. Great stuff.

Manfredo responds:

Thank you very much :)