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Astromiau EP 01

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Spanish audio with english subtitles

Las aventuras de Astromiau, primer cap
haha no se programar nada, fue experimental /:

The adventures of Astromiau, first ep
I dont know shit about coding, maybe I'll scratch it later

not my best work but oh well, feels good trying new things.. now back to drawing for the man

PS. I would like to thank NCH85 who was very supportive, making fun of me, he jelly

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so cute

Best. Thing. Ever

I think this is great!
The voice acting could use some work (I would like to redirect you to RicePirate's How to Make an Audition-Quality Home Recording Studio like you Robbed an Airport Baggage Claim, he gives really good tips that cost nothing, if you can understand his English well enough :) ), I mean I hope you can get a better mic because that would enhance the quality of the episode a LOT, but except that I think that animation was great! Like some animations you can see on TV on some parts...
I mean, it's really little details like the snot part and all these little things that make me love this. Normally I would give it an 8 or 7 but since I want you to come back to Newgrounds, I'll give a 10 (5 stars) like I rarely do :) I just like your style of animation a lot.
Please post stuff on Newgrounds! I've seen Astromiau ep. 3 on your own site (whose quality is a little lower than this one in my opinion x.x Maybe because I didn't get a thing, 'coz it's Spanish x33), and many people are asking for more Astromiau or other Flashes by you, so please post ep. 2 and 3 and your other flashes I might've not seen on Newgrounds :)
People love you here :) Just make us some subtitles :3

Super graciosa!

tiempo sin ver una animación tuya amigo.

Veo que es del 2010 ya han pasado 3 años espero vuelvas a hacer mas animaciones loco.

cuate, se despide un fan tuyo desde tu primer Front Page

wow buena animacion! muy buen humor tambien, me gusto la parte en la q tenia q controlar a astromiau! muy creativo! felicitaciones :D