Newgrounds Ad Gone Crazy!

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Please note that this is an old flash of mine, back when I referred to myself as MFprod (MiddleFinger Productions).

In another attempt to blur the line between high art and spam, I present to you, Newgrounds Ad gone crazy. In this story, the NGad takes center stage as out main character, our secondary characters, and our plot device. Enjoy!

It's not exploiting the system if you're a cunning bastard about it.

Will I make a part two? If you ask. Sure why the hell not?

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Oh clicking the ads work!

Hmm it seems you may help out the people with those ads. Maybe, maybe not. Whatever! This is disgustingly original and you should be proud of it. It's pretty damn funny. It would be funnier if clicking the ads didn't work out. It would have been much more hilarious if you clicked the ads and then it lead to something totally different.

EKublai responds:

Hey look what I found, an idea to steal!



the concept was dominantly original...
your music choices were okay...
and i got a good laugh out of it...


the animation was kinda glitchy at some parts...
its frame rate LOOKED out of control, but i cant tell for sure...


other than those this is great, i hope you get even better

A good flash gone awry

This was a pretty good flash in the part you made when you were sober, the newstand part with the Beatles music playing in the background. After that, the music track just goes all over the place and the images become so badly drawn-- is that a black snake? a black snake-like ghost? The guys black snake like 'chi'-- too badly drawn to tell-- that whatever you are doing doesn't work. And the Star Wars music was just totally miscast.

My advice to you is to rent 'Apocolapse Now' so you can see how to convey chaos properly, be it the carnage of war, the anger of a youth who can't draw, or whatever madness you want to show.

Pretty good!

Not too bad man!


Your idea is fucking hilarious man. I'll give you that much, the flash itself isn't all the great, but your plot to exploit the ad system I haven't seen before, and having all the characters as ads is actually pretty funny and original. Good luck on having this pass judgement though, I would imagine this would anger people because they didn't think of it first.

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Oct 2, 2010
12:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original