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Author Comments

this is "acomic" cartoon.

"acomic" is a series of comics that were created to tell a story in an extremely short period of time. the point is to make a comic and send it under a certain period of time (usually very short) to the veiwer. the series of comics was based on "the life and times of noah and frank" because frank said "hey, real quick,make a comic about noah and frank " which spawned the whole thing.

now, the animated cartoons are in the same vein...

check out the comics on my newgrounds page, ill posting more and more from time to time.

enjoy...or not, i really dont care.

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I really failed to see how this submission was supposed to be appealing. I guess it was kind of interesting to see something completely realistic, but not much besides that. I wish that we could have given these characters more depth. I agree with them on the idea that buying a comic book costs money. If only I had a friend to talk with me about spending money on comic books. The animation was not that great and I think it needed color and more frames.

What was nice was how this thing was titled "acomic". I don't know why, I just think that's a funny way of saying (or spelling) it. The expressions are kind of suting, but they do not take off because there is so little going on. It seems like you might have been looking for a final punchline, but I could not find it. You should work on delivery next time.


The acting can at least be made a bit better then this wouldn't be totally bad man. :(


Besides sucking, the depiction of an erection at the end does not warrant the rating "Everyone."

NandFomic responds:

thanks for bringing that to my attention, forgot about changing that setting. sorry you didnt enjoy it, maybe youll enjoy the actual comics instead (check some out on my ng page)


That was pretty good. and kinda funny.

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2010
8:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Original