Shattered Colony

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Defeat the zombies while managing multiple resources in this hybrid RTS game. Try a random map after the campaign.

The game consists of building towers, managing the resources needed by those towers (and the location of those resources), collecting more resources from cleared out buildings, and using resources to expand and destroy zombies.

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Shift-click to place multiple of the same item.
Shift-click on plus or minus buttons to change quota by 5.
+/- are hotkeys for changing survivor quota (board quota in barricades).


3 hours....

iv played this game going on 4. i love it i mean theirs some really fucking stupid games out there like this but this one is just pure epicness. if u do make a squeal let me suggest a few things.
1.add some more buildings/ i built a whole base at one point
2. maybe add some traps
3. maybe a bit more challenging?
like u got ammo wood and survivors down maybe add like food. also idk what ur ideas r on zombie evolution but maby like boss zombies or something but any ways its a good game

i cant stop playing!!!

this is really superb! nice job! cant stop playing, its really addictive to try and outsmart the zombie onslaught!!!

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loved the game

and i mean alot
the only problem was, i found the last map quite hard so i took the level editor put it on max dificulty then gave the player sht loads of resources of all the types (survivors included) in the building you start next to
here is a link to the coad so you can try the map your self people
http://auriga-squad.appspot.com/get/a gxhdXJpZ2Etc3F1YWRyCwsSA01hcBjImgwM


a really great game one of the best ive seen there are a few strange things though like why cant you give survivers guns and they go loot buildings or something but over all its a great game hopefully if there is a second one you can make squads and sorta use builds as bases sorta but still great game

This game is awesome

If you make it longer and ad some more buildings and zombies well I would totaly pay for it!

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4.39 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2010
11:19 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense