Shattered Colony

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Defeat the zombies while managing multiple resources in this hybrid RTS game. Try a random map after the campaign.

The game consists of building towers, managing the resources needed by those towers (and the location of those resources), collecting more resources from cleared out buildings, and using resources to expand and destroy zombies.

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Shift-click to place multiple of the same item.
Shift-click on plus or minus buttons to change quota by 5.
+/- are hotkeys for changing survivor quota (board quota in barricades).


Great Game!

A well done and highly enjoyable game, only one bug i found can be a major pain in the ass however...sometimes a sniper tower willrefuse to fire, showing the ,out of ammo marker, even if its stocked with ammo and is manned. Seems to do it if you increase the ammo hold amount before the the first surviver reachs the tower to 'build' it. A few things i may suggest is improving the zombies health and/or speed, as well as allowing the to spawn at multiple areas, not just one bridge/ row of bluidinds at a time. A fully upgraded and manned sniper tower can hold off a full wave is it has a clear line of fire, even verus a large horde. Lastly it seems that there is no penalty to abandoning structures, you get all of what was stored in it and its build cost back, the only way to permantly lose boards is for zombies to attack barracades. But none-the-less this is a good way to waste time!!

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Dont let its rank fool you

<map name="Dakar " difficulty="1" sizeX="30" sizeY="50" startX="15" startY="34" >
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Graphics are good, concept is nice. Overall job well done

I'm on 'graduation'. . .

How come I can only build one tower? I set up 3, each with 1 survivor and 30 bullets. 2 of them have a red X on it, and says it has no ammo, even though in the bottom right is has 30 shots, 1 person.
Make your tutorial better, because the whole concept is 100% original, which means nobody is going to just get the swing of things right off the bat.


AI sucks, or I am not sure of how to transfer supplies and people. It just sucks that I will have one base with literally all of my survivors not doing anything, while things need to get done in the rest of the map. Same for resources. I tried changing the base number. There either needs to be better ai or an easier/better explained way to control them.

But I even returned to play it. I just can't seem to beat a game if I take my time.

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4.39 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2010
11:19 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense