Kuroki: EG2*

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You are a demon lord being punished by his mistress. You are tasked with protecting a tree for 100 days or more while she impresses someone. Can you prove your loyalty in even the most menial tasks? Can you keep a dead tree alive for another 100 more days?

Press space to shoot.
Move with the arrow keys.
Skip the story with 'x'.
When you have them, create a bomb wave with 'x'.
You cannot die.

//Screen for story skippers
The Yellow numbers at the top left of the screen represent your time remeaining. The Red numbers represent the health of the tree. The Black numbers reperesent the number of energy bombs you have remaining. You gain one every 43 seconds or so. Which means if yu use one, you will get another one in roughly 43 seconds.

*UPDATED: The enemies now drop energy bombs. The player can collect a maximum of 3. The player will still, however, get a bonus bomb after each round. The bomb pickups are represented by a lightning bolt in a capsule icon. I hope to have another update later this week as well.

*UPDATED: The enemies now randomly drop life hearts. These increase the trees health by 10. It also increases the amount of time remaining by 1. This will be used in a later update scheduled for tonight or tomorrow.

*UPDATED: You can now fire energy bombs. Do this by pressing the 'x' button when you have them. Bombs are kept track of via the black numbers at the top left of the screeen below the yellow numbers.

This game took me roughly 5-6 days to make with a lot of trouble. It's not perfect and there are a lot of things that I want to add. So I'll definitly be updating this one for a while at least. Thank you for playing!

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Would like to see where this is going.. Cool trajectory on "weapon" and although pointless right now the game is not terribad so it I deem it worthy of the portal. My suggestions for eventual updates would be music and sounds to go with the art style. Depending where you want to go with your project you could add more "weapons" and "enemies" to make it a defence shooter, or you could go on with the story that it is a menial task but if players persevere it reveals a richer storyline. Something like that anyway, its your game so develop as you feel and good luck happy coding :D

xhunterko responds:

"to make it a defence shooter"

That was the original idea. But I somehow broke overlaps and had to rewrite the game fresh in just three days. So I couldn't really add everything I wanted to. Hopefully I'll be able to do so in the coming weeks. Thanks for playing!

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2010
11:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional