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Every 60 Seconds

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Mouse moves the block. Avoid the blue squares and stay alive.

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Facts: A (facts make me feel bad man. now i'm sad.)
Game: B+ (simple, fun, and not a rage game!)
Upgrades: A+ (much needed.)

Overall: A- (This is a fun game, with some quite disturbing facts [such as: every 60 seconds: a fortune 500 CEO makes $100 AND a minimum wage worker makes $0.12], but nevertheless, a jolly time.)

I decided not to survive all the 60 seconds, but instead try to max out the upgrades.
I maxed out the size upgrade, but is the limit to the health upgrade infinity?! seriously my health is 62 now. Also, nice game! more upgrades would be nice


Nice Idea!
The Music was hypnotising...

PS: 10 tries!


11 Tries!!!!! YEah!!!!!!!!!!!! Good game though... kinda challenging

Great concept but it's been done before

It's nice little game. I could use a music upgrade so that when you're dangerously low on health, the music speeds up or you get an irritating buzzing noise.
Also, a graphics enhancement, different size and shaped blocks so that it'd be more fun to maneuver through them. 2/5, 8/10