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UPDATE: Now the medals are worth 0 points again, this issue will not be solved, I'm sorry!
EDIT: wow Daily 2nd Place!!, Thanks to all!!
EDIT: now everything works, thanks Mike!
EDIT: the medals work, but must be approved!
Excuse my English in this flash!
In this new version there are also much more information and instructions to put the medals in your games!

Daily 2nd Place!!!!!
FRONT PAGE?! thanks!!!!!
This flash made me earn $54, woooooooooo!
500 people a year added as a favorite, thanks to all!!


Very Informative.

It's pretty useless to the normal NGer, who don't do any kind of production of flash, games, music or art, because they're signed up only to be able to comment, listen to/play/watch stuff, and rate it.

For flash game makers, this is very helpful in how to put on medals, because I've seen so many great games that fail just because they don't have any medals, solely because the coders have no idea how to put them in. The community may play a part in this act, because a lot of people only want to play a game if they can get something out of it, which is selfish beyond compare. It's making a person look like a failure because you didn't get any precious exp points from frikin medals. We really need to work on that.

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i love this

guyes if you are bored and sad go to this and find your game and play it and open the medals and save up lots of medals

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It used to be good

It was fun when the medals were worth something.

the medals may not be worth points but..

completely usefull tool if someone is trying to make medal flash games congrats man really usefull! and the flash looked nice aswell

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to the moron below me

it does have medals, they're worth 0 points. when i got them, they had point value but i guess that needed to be changed. do some looking, you'll find them

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