Robs Mini Flash Tutorial

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A simple and easy tutorial for very basic flash
Using as2 and flash professional 8

Cool Mouse Effects
Dress-up Games/Drag and Drop

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Learn some more AS before you try to teach it.

To anyone who reads this review, there are better tutorials out there, made by people who know what they're talking about... and don't steal their stuff from other tuts. If you're fine with just copying and pasting stuff straight into your flashes without knowing why it does what it does, then go ahead. But if you really want to learn, look somewhere else.
Most of this tutorial seems like it was made by one of the people who should be watching tutorials, not making them. You just stuck the code there and didn't even try to explain what it did. How is that supposed to help people who want to learn? Seems like you don't even know any of this stuff, you just googled and copy/pasted it. Also, it's pretty obvious to me that you didn't come up with the "cool cursor effect" code by yourself. I don't know where you got it from, but you didn't give the other person credit for it.
This tutorial is just plain bad.

JELM responds:

of course I don't know a lot about action script, thus the reason this is a BASIC tutorial. I didn't think it would be necessary to explain the code and people would just want to copy and paste from this one.
and yes I didn't make the "cool cursor effect" code, I just put it in for shits and giggles.
Maybe you know a bit about flash and AS so you thought of this tutorial of a waste of time, but for complete beginners they would find the simplest codes helpful.
Also the button, drag and drop and movieclip follow mouse codes were all the ones I have created by messing around.
Thank you for the review though.

thx man

i will make a dress game
i know a little about as
and my question is why you dont show how to make the effect on botum
you know like over klick etc...

JELM responds:

well I'm glad it helped
I didn't think it was necessary, but might update in the future!
thanks for the review


this is your first animation?

JELM responds:

first tutorial, never really used flash all that much

I used to animate stop-motion

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Sep 30, 2010
7:23 AM EDT