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Happy Green Robot

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Draw a way for Happy Green Robot, he must save the princess!
This is a retro story with a drawing/physics-based gameplay.

Main features:
* retro art and music
* drawing & physics based gameplay
* 25 exciting levels
* built-in save/load game system
* level passwords system
* built-in tutorial
* exceptional hero (Happy Green Robot!)


Controls: Mouse (or touchscreen on phone) and keyboard arrows. Draw a way for Happy Green Robot, he must save the princess!

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Cute idea with adorable little green robot. I love drawing/physics games. This one is almost there. Needs some refinement and more lives. I made it to Level 10, but my robot seemed to fall through the floor. Nice effort.

you ruined the game ;-;

i was having fun up until the point I ran out of lives and the game ended, it's a puzzle game, it's going to take the average player more than 3 attempts, especially early on when they are testing out the game mechanics, fail

Major problems

Serious problems in gameplay, I see there are the buttins to make it move but after the set line is made sometimes the little green fella just goes instantly the opposite direction, so it's impossible to get much further. This could have been a really strong guilty pleasure, the graphics are not so professional, but if the gameplay would have been better made, then this game would have been a top quality stuff, cause the graphics are charming despite they are really simple, so the gameplay is messed up, I guess you tried to sort out problems with gameplay elements but I suggest to do it more, or imrove the coding as capable you are. Controls are problematic, gameplay and leveldesign is also, the secound stage is already a jump into deep water, I suggest to do some more work on this, or learn a bit more before you get back with a better version or a different game. I give a 4 cause the music is nice, the graphics and design are working, the story is there, and the game concept is fine, but needs a lot of improovements to work as a functional game, and to enjoy it without the frustration caused by the flaws.

I like retro!

Very retro nad fun. Good game with funny story:) The princess is green :D
I like the hero, too:D

Stupi robot kept moving backwards

PLease fix game mechinic good try tho