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Bits and Pieces

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Move: Left/Right
Jump: X
Super Skills: Up/Down/C
Pause: Escape
Restart Level: Pause, then X
Volume up/down/mute: +/-/0


This game explores the place where platformer meets bullet hell. It's a distillation of some Mario experiences, taken to their logical extreme. Your challenge is to jump carefully through swarms of enemies. A variety of gameplay types, powerups, tilesets, and music keep things fresh and unexpected.

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where's the easter egg for cheetahmen?

hell I know this
this is from action 52 rules isn't it?

This was simply. Fantastic...but too short.

I have to say, the cover simply cannot be read to judge the cover. What looks like a simple brainless platformer really opened up into an borderline eerie adventure, all though short had a sense of completion I always love to see in entertainment.

It was brilliant to use messages with the enemies. putting in a plot, a plot one cannot understand was a good move.

The sound was perfect. Even the ringing at the end that stayed after you beat it, somehow empowered the charm of this little game.

My suggestion to you, would be to make another one, refine it a little more, but keep the mystery about it. I had no idea what the hell I was playing, was I a bird? did I have two heads? I could not tell. But as I progressed and did these simple puzzles I found the game play interesting and charming.

But this suffers a fatal flaw, it's way to short. The puzzles were ultimately too easy and the boss fight at the end could be completed nearly instantly using invincibility.

I would like to see this take a dark turn in the future I want to play this again, but i want to be longer, I want to read creepy messages that slowly feed me plot. I want to know that something evil is trying to hurt me and I want to beat it without knowing what it is. Whether or not I get a good ending, I want to leave that up to you.

Please add more content. Please refine this.

You might be on to something here.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2010
1:20 AM EDT

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