Building Blaster 2 P-Pack

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Your favorite Master Blaster is back with an all-new Players Pack! This time round with the help from his fans, we've managed to put together FIFTY of the very best user-submitted levels for your destructive pleasure! They're fun, they're devious and they're all yours to rip through and obliterate!! But hey watch out for those civilians! Awards and extra boom points have been added to give you more explosive fun! Kids remember: always handle nitroglycerin responsibly!!!

If you experience automatic redirecting to other web-pages or popups - try reloading the whole page. This may happen due to some ads available in your region. We hope the issue will be resolved by the ads provider as soon as possible.

And for those still in doubt - 2DPlay.com games NEVER redirect players unless they click our clear link buttons. Thanks for understanding :)

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i liked it, its fun and entertaining. and to all the people who keep getting the popups, refresh the page and they wont appear anymore

Pop up adds

Everytime I click on something it pulls up a pop up add. Fun game but I can't even click for the next level without getting an add!


same as the other ones just different levels but still very entertaining and i didnt get any pop ups either people need to click the PLAY button and not the ad to play the game

Still getting redirected in new window

I'm still being redirected to http://w01.ou rworld.com/v11/?env=affiliate with every single click in-game, regardless of where the pointer is.

Pop ups?

What the heck is everyone talking about? This game doesn't have pop ups... Except for the advertisement when you wait for the game...

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3.59 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2010
12:06 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other