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Mr. Schyzo

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THERES MEDALS NOW!!! wait for the admins to approve :D

A praise to insanity, violence, Guns and fun, all in one package. Enjoy using any of the 12 different weapons available in the game, completing all the 50 different achievements or simply enjoying a walk in any of the 20 levels!


omg family guy?

love the game!
but what's quagmire doing in this game? :P

Pretty Awesome

I only have one problem, but I'm not sure if thats your fault: the character kept spazzing out and running around the screen.

overwise love it

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call me a n00bish litle 3 year old but...

i cant get past level three :3

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Pretty nice!

This game is pretty awesome!!

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dude... how long does it take for the game to load :S i've been waiting for 30min....

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