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Drag'n'drop physics

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Author Comments

-- Change 2 --
Added a "anti-phys-clusterfuck" button in case you get out of the map.
-- Description --

"The Green Boxes are in lack of resources and have to invade your land! Crush them with the power of.. weight."

My first game ever, so I mixed a drag and drop game with gravity and such. If there is any problem, tell me!


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Not bad

Good for 1st try. Work on that. make some waves, different enemies... Put more effort, then will be a great game! Keep working...

Not bad, not bad at all

I think It was a good game, great for a first, but you should add in platforms and waves, it felt slightly repetitive after a while.
But, other than that, a fun game and you should keep it up! :)

What about...

What about the X axis? So you can throw the block sideways?
Collisions that can roll the block? More physics stuff... Maybe also a line to tell you how high you have to raise it before it does any damage? (No, that would be too easy!)

Some other suggestions:
Upgrades (Bigger block? Increase gravity? etc)
Different "enemies"
--> A Goal! <-- (I made a shooter game for a friend years ago, and it got boring, quick, without any goal to achieve...)

I don't mean to come off as mean, but I feel that with some extra work, you can make this a lot better.

Best of luck and keep at it!

RubyPh0enix responds:

Thanks, finally, a decent comment. I will take care about your suggestions!

Okay for a 1st try

For your 1st game, I think that for the most part, it was a success. I think you could have put more detail then just squares scrolling down the screen. EVerything works, though.

al right

ehi this is your first game?
well "shut thah music up" ahahahaha

respect man