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Fly by Emi shooting bots & fight finally Death Egg. Please wait while game's loading.
Have fun!
P.S.: Please don't damn my games anymore - this's this series last game. Later'll be more upgraded games.

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+ It has music
- Not proper English
- No replay button
- There's not even much to do
- A lot of sound effects play at the same time which is annoying
- The background image looks like it was made on MS Paint
- It was uploaded in 2010


Another one of these crappy Sonic games!!!!!
1. Make sure ALL of your button commands work appropriately.

2. Try to actually animate the characters doing something not just standing/floating there.

3. Make the difficulty progressive and smooth, not random bits of easy and hard mixed together.

4. Please learn how to spell properly; I thought this was something else because the character's name was spelled wrong.

5.Try to come up with different ideas all together; Do NOT just copy and paste the same idea and call it a different .

Better luck next time.


its ok but you could make it muck better just by having a restart button after you die not refreshing the page


Graphics: Weak (2/10)
Gameplay: Weak, unoriginal (1/10)
Sound: Annoying (1/10)
Controls: No tutorial (3/10)

This is an exact copy of kongregates shooter tutorial with mouse controls instead of keyboard controls.

Please practice more and try to make something better.

P.S.: Please don't damn my games anymore -

If a crappy director makes an equally crappy movie, the critics will always call it what it is, and the director will always think the critics are talentless hacks.

I've never submitted a flash game to this site because this game is about the best that I can make. I don't want people calling my creative efforts crap either, that's why I just don't submit them.

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1.68 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2010
3:48 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight